so this is my life & i want you to know that i am both happy and sad and i'm still trying to figure out how that could be.
please believe that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough.

Thursday, March 10

Friday, February 25

feening for sunshine.

h u r r y y y   u p p p   s u m m e r r r t i m e.
s m i l e s  &  s u n s h i n e.
bikinis, skirts, heels, dresses, jewelry, nail polish. 
car rides, hats, pictures, long nights, drunk texts.
mmm cant wait. im living in my stunna shades.

flashy ain't trashy as long as you stay classy.

life is like a piano. 
the white keys represent happiness, while the black keys represent sadness. 
as you go through life’s journey, remember that the black keys make music too.

Friday, February 18

great ones.

Love without trust is like a car without an engine.You can try to push, but it won’t get you far.

party mood.

twenty first festivities soon.
fun fun funnnnn (:

meow meow.

 "i go to earth when mars is boring"
"haters you can kill yourself"

a softer world.

i remember being a freshmen looking at these..
oh, how much as changed in between then & now.

don't trust the government.

who says disorders have to be bad?

i might be falling in love.


my first point, exactly.

the last one always makes me smile (: